Why us? time with kids

Why us? Well I’ll tell you…..

Image showing Scott Welcomme creator of Welcomme Wonderland- Unique and irresistible kids songs and cute, loveable characters. Clive the penguin peeking out of the bucket

We want you to enjoy time with kids as part of the Welcomme Wonderland experience. We don’t just sell fun songs for kids- We are your solution to reigniting precious family time- An unforgettable musical experience for all the family!

Each children’s song is completely unique, filled with memorable moments bursting to be released and shared with you!

Get your FREE song now and see the magic in action! Brand new kids songs from Welcomme Wonderland

You won’t find our fun songs for kids latched on to the end of a nursery rhymes CD. Our children’s songs are distinctive and one of a kind!

Develop their playful, imaginative personality

If you are looking for kids songs to enable your child to develop their playful, imaginative personality then songs from Welcomme Wonderland are perfect for you! 

All tracks are simple Mp3 download with most under 3 MB

There is no need to worry about having to find room in your living space to store my songs. Relax knowing if you have a ‘full house’ you  take our unique kids songs wherever you go- without the hassle of trying to find more room in the full bag!

Our website is mobile and tablet friendly

All our tracks are all Mp3 files to download- you can play us anywhere and whenever you like! (Just don’t upset the neighbours!).

Make buffering and streaming interruption a thing of the past! 

As my tracks are downloaded straight to your device, you don’t have to worry about internet or data coverage and cost. 

We give away free stuff!

Make sure you don’t miss out on news of when new activities, characters and songs are created and released. Come on in and join the fun!

We pride ourselves on being able to offer high quality songs that are made to last and don’t harm the environment! (No packaging currently involved- tracks are download only!)

Joy, peace and happiness- the Welcomme Wonderland way!

If you still need more convincing- read on…..

  • Most children’s songs sites are a catalogue of existing traditional songs.  we are not! Welcomme Wonderland is a unique venture-Brand new children’s songs that are VERY CATCHY!
  • Don’t miss those precious ‘First’ experiences- dance moves/words/smiles with your little ones- Let us help you to nurture the memories with our infectious vibe.
  • Each of our unique songs tells a story that relates to everyday activities-brushing teeth/keeping healthy/self-respect/thinking skills/Characteristics of effective learning , encouraging children to engage with these everyday issues.
  • Enjoy a return to classic ‘sing along’ time with family & friends- but with new songs that your friends won’t have (until you share them!)
  • Our variety of fun kids songs will keep your children occupied and inspire their own dance moves and actions, developing their creative personality.
  • There are several animal songs which will capture your child’s storytelling nature (alligatorhippopenguinelephanttortoisebugs and even a teddybear song!).
  • Most of the songs are recognisable in the first 10 seconds and due to their repetitive nature there’s no escape from getting them stuck in your head!
  • All the children’s songs have educational links to them but the key aim when listening and singing to them is to enjoy singing, rhyming and above all, having fun!

With an array of loveable characters and catchy fun songs for kids, the name ‘Welcomme Wonderland’ will stick with you and hopefully bring out the fun, creative side in everyone who visits! Enjoy sharing the love with others. 

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