Meet the Characters- Harris the little grey hippo

Harris the little grey hippo

Harris the little grey hippo- Lead character from another one of Scott Welcomme's fun songs for children

Character Profile

Name: Harris the little grey hippo

Species: Hippopotamus amphibius

Purpose: To be cool with my funky purple hair and stand up to bullies!

Favourite Food: Grass and Sweet potato

Favourite Drink: Water

Habitat: Water and land, depending on how I feel. Sometimes I can spend up to 16 hours a day in the water!

Country of origin: Areas of Africa

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Personal message

Hey! I’m Harris the little grey hippo! I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about my adventure, getting the confidence to stand up to others who were mean. Make sure you do the same. If someone is being mean to you or calling you names, make sure you tell an adult who will help it to stop. Instead of feeling sad and lonely, you can look cute, cuddly and smiley like me! P.S. Check out my funky purple hair 😉 !

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Image of a free colouring picture from Welcomme Wonderland based on Scott Welcomme's cute, loveable character Harris the little grey hippo. He's been grey, green and blue. Which colour will you choose next? Have fun and colour the hippo! 

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