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Picture showing the Welcomme Wonderland motto with cute characters from kids songs by Scott Welcomme- Harris the little grey hippo, Ajay the alligator and Clive the penguinJoy, peace and happiness- the Welcomme Wonderland way!Welcomme Wonderland is the home of new and exciting children’s songs and instrumental tracks written and produced by me, Scott Welcomme.

Discover my unique imagination as well as indulging in your opportunity to grab a world of inspiration and positivity for yourself. You deserve it!

Get started with something new now as you take your first step towards creating magical, family time memories!.

The fabulous efforts you make everyday, going above and beyond to keepReading with Daddy. Enjoying some well- deserved family time together when baby was younger- who would have thought Welcomme Wonderland would have grown so much since then?! the little ones inspired and occupied need to be recognised! Take time for yourself, as well as creating amazing memories with the kids- acknowledge that it’s ok to look for that balance in making sure you look after you too!

Enjoy something special for all the family to  share when enjoying time with the kids. Parents, Grandparents/Aunties/Uncles/friends of the family- There is something for everyone!

Here at Welcomme Wonderland Our aim is to empower children to dare to dream and believe in themselves. We aim to encourage children to allow themselves freedom to enjoy and be happy listening and dancing to music -without permission from a grown up! 

Unleash the 'CAN' in your child today with unique kids songs from Welcomme Wonderland


We are committed to promoting what we call ‘The Big CAN’ (Confidence, positive Attitude and Natural ability) Take comfort in  your child’s enjoyment of brand new kids songs that are set to be new timeless classics of the present and the future!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the start of your adventure with us and enjoyed getting to know my irresistible characters and catchy kids songs, as well as gaining an aspirational attitude for you and your child! 

Image of Magical family memories at Sandbanks beach in Dorset. Laughter, fun and happiness from Welcomme Wonderland- home of Scott Welcomme's songs for kids.  As well as enjoying your free download from your Welcomme email (see what I did there 😉 ) why not explore  some of my other catchy songs and meet some of my original characters

 Read more about how I became a children’s songwriter.

Sharing your magical moments with us…. Amazing moments happen- sometimes unexpectedly!   We would love for you to share your moments from Welcomme Wonderland- be it a comment, photo or video. Please email them to us at info@welcommewonderland.com

Please make sure you agree to our Privacy Policy before you email any photos or videos to us (Use of children in images, video and voice within audio section) Please note that we do not have any control over social media and the pages from this website may be shared with others on social media freely. If you do not wish your images to be shared- please Do Not email them to us in the first place.  The Welcomme Wonderland logo was designed by Bri Cresswell and is owned and copyright by Scott Welcomme. All other images on this website are used with permission or also copyright and owned by Scott Welcomme.


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