A little bit about my unique kids songs

A little bit about my unique kids songs

An inspirational quote to me growing up, leading me to write unique kids songs at Welcomme Wonderland. Without Music life would be

The above quote used to be on my bedroom wall as a different poster when I was younger. It used to be a daily reminder for me that no matter what was going to happen in the days or weeks ahead- I would still have music in my life.

I had been blessed, gifted, with this phenomenal superpower- songwriting!

Over the last 13 years, in particularly,  thousands of people from all ages have commented about how I am able to ‘connect’ with others in a way that leaves them feeling inspired and feeling great about themselves, the things that they have achieved they are able to achieve and believe in themselves.

I pride myself on being able to make a difference in peoples lives (whatever their age). My songs that are currently available may be children’s songs, but the messages they deliver are universal. For me, if I can communicate an important message to a child through song that will have a knock-on positive effect for the rest of their lives then I’m gonna write one!!!

Image of Ajay the alligator peering out from behind the shower curtain in the bathroom- just like the lyrics of the catchy kids song Snap! Went the alligator by Scott WelcommePast students of mine (now adults) that I have bumped into at various places (gotta love the supermarket on a Sunday afternoon!) comment that they still remember the sheer joy that embraced them when they heard my songs. It is amazing when they tell me that they still remember the words to some of my songs too!! The best part is those who have ‘paid it forward’. The past students who now have kids of their own- singing my songs to their kids. What an incredible feeling to know that my songs have become new timeless classics! Find out what my songs can do for you and your children here.

It is so humbling to receive so many lovely comments and feedback from people all over the world and am I so so thankful for the gift I have been given, and the opportunities that have been provided for me- both amazing and challenging!

It is through my experiences and the challenges I have faced, that I am so pleased to be able to share my stories with others, helping to inspire and create the dream lifestyle that we all so eagerly crave!

Each of my unique kids songs tells a story that relates to everyday activities including

  • Brushing teeth
  • Keeping healthy
  • Self-respect
  • Thinking skills
  • Characteristics of effective learning & encouraging children to engage with these everyday issues.Animated GIF of Harris the little grey hippo- The cute, loveable character from another one of Scott Welcomme's fun songs for children from Welcomme Wonderland

There are several animal songs which will capture your child’s storytelling nature (alligator, hippo, penguin, elephant, tortoise,bugs and even a teddybear song!).

I have had praising feedback from Industry professionals including the song assessment service from The Guild of International Songwriters and Composers

All categories of assessment were rated Excellent and commented:

The song and performance has an excellent commercial value.

It has a cross-over appeal to attract artistes working in this style.

Consider selling an album of Children’s songs

I also received ‘Highly commended’ certificates in the UK Songwriting Contest 2011 Children’s genre category (Snap! Went alligator and Can I see your tickets please?)

The lessons and reflection I teach and learn everyday are what has inspired me to share all the ‘good and positive’ outcomes with others.  I look forward to you joining me on the adventure of a lifetime! learn more here


Image of Harris the little grey hippo at the beach- one of Scott Welcomme's characters from Welcomme Wonderland. You will love seeing the look on your little ones face as they listen to my unique kids songs!

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