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Enjoy 13 ways to keep those little cherubs entertained! 

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Let me provide you with opportunities to enable kids to enjoy learning about real life experiences, through cute, loveable characters in your new ‘standard collection’ of children’s songs by me, Scott Welcomme.

Your solution to reigniting precious family time!

Enjoy time for yourself and the kids knowing that they are learning and entertained at the same time! Be confident in the knowledge that your kids are actively engaged in educational songs that ‘feed their imagination’ as well as allowing opportunities to explore real life everyday activities and challenges.

Picture of kids enjoying dancing to the catchy fun children's songs from Scott Welcomme's Welcomme Wonderland album

Are you making the most out of the time you spend with your children?

How often do you find yourself saying ”I haven’t got the time!” or wishing you could have someone else’s so called ‘perfect life‘?

Stop searching for the ‘same old’- Let me help you be you again and create treasured memories that will last forever. 

Get your FREE song now and see the magic in action! Brand new kids songs from Welcomme Wonderland

Discover how my unique, fun kids songs will reignite your precious family time- inspiring your child to sing, dance, and develop their own natural creative personality.

You will love seeing the look on your little ones face as they interact with my  irresistible characters and let their imagination run wild! 

“Scott’s positive nature and ‘down-to-earth’ character ensure that he genuinely cares and believes in what he does and says- a rare trait in someone nowadays…” B.D -London

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“Scott has many qualities, to name a few; inspiring, loyal, dedicated, fun, caring, committed and determined! “ D.B./K.H- Dorset

How many magical moments and precious memories do you waste everyday by listening to the ‘same old’ kids songs, dreaming of the day that something new and exciting comes along?

With Welcomme Wonderland you will soon forget these thoughts ever existed!  No more comparing yourself to others, feeling guilty and not able to ‘live in the moment’- Take control of YOUR life and get creating magical new memories with the assistance of my songs now!

Help me keep the kids entertained with a free song!


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Picture of Scott Welcomme- Creator of Welcomme Wonderland and all the catchy kids songs and cute characters that all the family will love! Proof that amazing things happen!By allowing yourself to ‘let go’ and experience ‘Welcomme Wonderland’ you will soon discover a more positive, outgoing, confidence develop with yourself and your kids. Your worries about not spending enough quality family time will vanish so you can focus on creating memorable moments to last forever!

“Although Scott has definitely found his niche in writing amazing kids songs, he has so much more to offer in other styles too- Let us look forward to hearing the next best thing!” B.W. -Devon


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I see things from your point of view! As parents we don’t always find the ‘rightMy amazing family treating ourselves to a little family time over the festive period at Oxford Street, London, England. Exactly what Welcomme Wonderland is about!‘ moment in the very busy and often, chaotic day to spend quality time with each of our children. We often find ourselves saying “I haven’t got the time!” Am I right? Well be rest assured that you have made the right choice to join us on our journey here at Welcomme Wonderland! Give yourself a high five!  :-D

A little bit about me- Scott Welcomme, Creator of unique kids songs and grown up goodness at Welcomme Wonderland

Unleash the 'CAN' in your child today with unique kids songs from Welcomme Wonderland  “Scott has a distinctive sound throughout many genres of music and to have that is something quite special in this day and age” L.J.P