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 Preview the songs!

Snap! Went the alligator1





Snap! Went the alligator (© 2009 Scott Welcomme) 

The catchiest song in the world…. ever! (Not officially!) But is does have over 52,000 views on youtube! Not bad for one of Welcomme Wonderland’s super cool fun songs!

This is a very catchy children’s song promoting the importance of calcium, brushing teeth and strong teeth and bones as well as creating a fun atmosphere to sing about animals. It will have you singing along in no time at all, and it will keep sneaking back for days afterwards! Snap snap snap….

This song is not to be confused with the well known kids song’ five little monkeys swinging in the tree’ also known as ‘Snap goes the alligator!’  

Vocals in this song are provided and used with permission by Sarah Hill and Shannon Kidrowicz (Recorded in 2009)

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Can I See Your Tickets Please

Can I see your tickets please? (© 2009 Scott Welcomme) 

Another one of Scott Welcomme’s fun songs for children about a train journey to the park to have fun, explore and let imagination run wild! (Don’t forget your tickets!) Promotes health and well being, playing and kids imagination.

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BUg Song Title  worm18


The Bug Song (© 2010 Scott Welcomme) 

This fun children’s song encourages exploration of nature and small animals/insects. A fun atmosphere to sing about any kind of bug and have a good dance!  Rock ‘n roll for everyone- kids and grown ups!


Precious family time can be shared through a musical journey, creating magical new memories.



The Round up song (© 2009 Scott Welcomme)  

Yee- haa!! “We all join in the round up song!”

Another of Scott Welcomme’s fun songs for kids about having fun rounding up animals on a farm or like a cowboy in the USA. This fun song Promotes animal recognition and names, motor skills and co- ordination, playing and imagination.


The Sea song (© 2009 Scott Welcomme)  

An original children’s song about a bumpy but fun journey on a boat in the sea. Remember to point out the fish you see and move to the left and right as the fun song says! Promotes co- ordination, colour, playing and imagination.



What do you do? (© 2010 Scott Welcomme)  

You have to join in shouting “No” with this one! Another one of the fun songs for children by Scott Welcomme about keeping tidy, moving your body in time with music and remembering to use your diaphragm when you sing! Promotes what every kid needs- manners,  co-operation and self discipline.


We offer a memorable musical experience for you to enjoy with your child in the comfort of your choosing.


Harris the little grey hippoimage(2)

One of the most popular of Scott Welcomme’s fun songs. This children’s song is about a loveable little grey hippo who lives in a zoo and overcomes bullying from the other animals. You and your kids won’t be able to help liking cute little Harris and his funky purple hair. They will be wanting a little Harris cuddly toy in no time! Promotes positive thinking, self esteem promotion and imagination.


Clive the penguin

Clive the penguin

Clive the Penguin (© 2010 Scott Welcomme) 

A fun song for children about a rebellious penguin who tricks others. “What a naughty Penguin!”

Promotes discussion of rights and wrongs, rhyming, imagination, taking risks and playing! Another one of Scott Welcomme’s popular fun songs.


Calcium is good for you (© 2010 Scott Welcomme) 

Enjoy teaching your little ones about the importance of Calcium in this catchy fun song that both kids and adults will love too. Why not get some pots, pans, spoons and something to shake and play along with the rhythms?! A great introduction to rhythm and taking turns to play.


Your children will love getting ready for bed with their favourite teddy to the magical sound of this fun song.  They can start to let their imagination come to life ready for their dreaming- yawn tick- tok tick- tok……


If I took an elephant shopping (© 2010 Scott Welcomme)  

“If I took an elephant shopping with me…”

A children’s song about going shopping but not forgetting anything (don’t tell me you’ve never forgotten something?!) If you take an elephant then you will remember! This fun song promotes memory, animal recognition, rhyming, musical instrument imagination and playing.


A fun, upbeat children’s song that encourages playing together and praising each others skills. Enjoy your kids jumping along to this one! Go on, make a friend in Terry!



Mr tortoise won’t you hurry up (© 2009 Scott Welcomme)

A fun song for children about a tortoise who is very very slow. When he buys roller skates he becomes much more speedy! Promotes recognition of tempo change, imagination and healthy lifestyle- perfect for your kids!


A fun song Inspired by my teaching career in the last 4 years, this song will hopefully put a positive spin on school life and have your children ‘wanting’ to go to school!


To buy these super cool fun songs and be able to listen to them forever then please go to the ‘buy the songs’ section. You will love seeing the look on your little ones faces as they interact with the characters in each song and let their imagination run wild. They will want to create magical new memories with songs from Welcomme Wonderland time and time again!           

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