My story fun songs for children

The songwriting journey- creating fun songs for children

It all began a long time ago…..

Ok, not that long ago! My songwriting journey started from about the age of 12. I was blessed with a musical upbringing from a young age, surrounded by my siblings. As a family of 5 children, this ‘Von Trapp’ lifestyle helped to encourage and inspire my amazing musical journey. I am lucky enough to be surrounded with the rewards of my blessings everyday living a life where I get to do what I love, with a loving family!

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A whole lot has happened over the years! With 3 sisters and 1 brother I have a lot of stories I could tell….

I have written a whole host of songs- pop ballads love songs, instrumental and more commercial style dance pieces, music for film, Christian songs, songs just for fun, and some with more of a personal meaning at the time they were written.

Yep, I have my favourite styles of writing, but I can safely say that I have had a go with a fair few genres! Keep a look out in the future for possible postings of some of these other songs….

Picture of Scott Welcomme- Creator of Welcomme Wonderland and all the catchy kids songs and cute characters that all the family will love! Proof that amazing things happen!Focussing on the last 8 years, I have enjoyed writing fun songs for children and creating enjoyable, original characters to go with them. I have particularly enjoyed seeing many hundreds of people (young and older!) enjoying singing my songs and adding actions and dance moves to them. I feel very humbled by the many thousands of people around the world who have listened to my tracks via youtube and left very positive comments. You can see the visitors to Welcomme Wonderland from across the planet on the cute little animated globe over on the right of the page at the top.

You should see yourself flashing on there right now as you read this (all those of you who read that with innuendo- behave yourselves! This is a website for children!)

How Popular are these fun songs for children? 

Among my fun songs for kids, the catchy song about the alligator alone has over 52,000 hits! Sorry, I didn’t mean to make you start singing it, but since you are now…. altogether now…. “Snap snap snap snap snap went the alligator! Behind the shower curtain in the bathroom!”

Ajay the alligator from one of Scott Welcomme's fun songs for children Snap! Went the alligator


If you haven’t got a clue what I mean then you must hear it! Go to the Buy the songs page to have a little listen….. There are many other infectious songs that are very popular with kids and adults alike!

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What do I do when I’m not writing fun songs for children?

When I am not thinking about writing songs (or at an instrument playing or singing, or spending time with my fab family) I teach as a music specialist at a Junior school in Dorset for children aged 7-11 . They always give me honest feedback about my songs which helps me improve them and gather new ideas for the future. We all know kids say what they REALLY think (sometimes not to our pleasing) but for me- that’s great because I know genuinely if a song is any good or not. I have had to ‘re-tweak’ a song before but it was more than worth it to see the positive reaction!

Harris the little grey hippo- Lead character from another one of Scott Welcomme's fun songs for children

In addition to main classroom teaching, I teach as a peripatetic for piano and voice (With a 100% pass rate!) I have taught drums as well but haven’t got the added time for that at the moment.

Over the last 2 years my role expanded at school, as I took on additional responsibilities, joining the Senior Leadership team, as Assistant Headteacher. This demanding role has developed my wider skills in every sense! Welcomme Wonderland took a bit of a hiatus, but her you are reading this now, so it can’t be that bad!

I used to teach music to the bigger kids too, at a secondary school in North London. This is where my fun songs for children were first created. I started to gain inspiration from my Niece’s outside of school though storytelling and pure imagination.

I would then ‘try out the material’ with the older children at school. Surprisingly- they loved it! I knew then that there would be no escape from my songs getting stuck in heads of all ages!


Image of Scott Welcomme's family (My lovely family) sharing laughter, fun and happiness from Welcomme Wonderland

The last 5 years have been a rollercosater in my life full of lots of lovely memories. My wife Tanya and I have been blessed with two beautiful baby girlsand be lucky enough to ‘re-think’ our own lives to ensure amazing time with the kids as well as so many special magical memories.

Having the girls around has inspired me even more to share my songs with Picture of kids enjoying dancing to the catchy fun children's songs from Scott Welcomme's Welcomme Wonderland albummore and more people and watching them laughing, dancing and clapping to them reminds me that all the hard work is all worthwhile!

Enjoy listening, singing, dancing to and sharing my fun songs for children with others and hopefully my love of music can continue to become even more infectious around the world!  :-D


Go to the ‘Preview the songs’ page to have a little listen- Try before you buy, if you wish!


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