Meet the Characters- Clive the penguin

Clive the Penguin

This loveable but very cheeky character is Clive the penguin- a rebellious character from another kids song by Scott Welcomme

 Character Profile

Name: Clive the Penguin

Species: Aptenodytes forsteri

Purpose: To try new things like driving and flying

Favourite Food: Fish

Favourite Drink: Water

Habitat: Water and land, depending on how I feel

Country of origin: Antarctic

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Personal message 

 This loveable, but very cheeky character is Clive the Penguin. I haven’t allowed him to introduce himself in case he tries to be naughty!  I hope you’ve enjoyed dancing around like a penguin to the chorus of the song and learnt a valuable lesson about never giving a penguin money!

Listen to a snippet of Clive the penguin


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Clive the penguin

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