Meet the Characters-Ajay the alligator

Meet the characters

 Ajay the alligator

Meet Ajay the alligator from the catchiest song ever Snap! Went the alligator, kids song by Scott Welcomme

Character Profile

Name: Ajay the Alligator

Species: Alligator Mississippiensis

Purpose: Promote the importance of Calcium, a healthy lifestyle and brushing your teeth

Favourite Food: Cheese (in moderation), Snacks and cakes from the cafe

Favourite Drink: Milk to give me strong teeth and bones

Habitat: “Behind the shower curtain in the bathroom” (A lake in the zoo) Freshwater, Grassland

Country of origin: USA (Florida area)

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Personal message

Hi! I’m Ajay the alligator , Snap snap snap. I’m the main character from the catchiest song ever- Snap! Went the alligator (alltogether now, Snap snap snap snap snap went the alligator….) I am just a friendly gator who likes to keep my teeth clean and bones strong!  


Hear some of Ajay the alligator’s song- ‘Snap! Went the alligator’


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