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Welcomme Wonderland fun songs for kids

Fun songs for kids!       

super fun cool songs(Songs are currently Mp3 download only, purchase via paypal)   

Click play on the audio player below to begin your journey with the catchiest song in the world! Snap snap snap….


Welcome to “Welcomme Wonderland!”!

Snap! Went the alligator I hope you enjoy exploring this website, meeting the characters from some of my fun songs and of course…. Getting the songs stuck in your head! Snap Snap Snap….

If you are looking for yet another album of traditional nursery rhymes and songs such as ‘Humpty Dumpty’ or ‘The Grand Old Duke of York’ then I am afraid you are in the wrong place! 

What is Welcomme Wonderland?

Welcomme Wonderland is an open invitation  into the imaginative world of fun songs for kids written and produced by Scott Welcomme. These unique, never been heard before catchy children’s songs will have you singing along and tapping your feet in no time at all (if you don’t believe me- try them!) Even grown ups will feel like a child again allowing their imagination to become a reality. 

Welcomme Wonderland provides parents, family members and friends opportunities to spend precious time with their children creating new, happy memories, while taking their children on a brand new musical journey!

unique, original catchy children’s songs

There’s a variety of fun kids songs to choose from that will keep your children occupied and inspire their own dance moves and actions, developing their creative personality.

There are several animal songs which will capture your child’s storytelling nature (alligatorhippo, penguin, elephanttortoise,bugs and even a teddybear song!).

There are a variety of other songs which will have your child creating their own role play characters. There is a cowboy song that is perfect for any budding young cowboys (Yeeha!),The sea song is great for creating a play scene on a boat looking out for fish and enjoying a journey on the sea.

The calcium song is perfect for promoting a healthy lifestyle to kids and encouraging them to keep their teeth and bones strong and then there is a song about doing the right thing, that encourages positive playing and good manners when painting, singing and dancing- What do you do?

If you are looking for  fun songs for kids  to enable your child to develop their playful, imaginative personality then songs from Welcomme Wonderland are perfect. You can use them as a musical solution to keep your children occupied on a long car journey (in addition to traditional car sing along journey songs of course!) 

Most of the songs are recognisable in the first 10 seconds and due to their repetitive nature there’s no escape from getting them stuck in your head!

All the children’s songs have educational links to them but the key aim when listening and singing to them is to enjoy singing, rhyming and above all, having fun!

With an array of loveable characters and catchy fun songs for kids, the name ‘Welcomme Wonderland’ will stick with you and hopefully bring out the fun, creative side in everyone who visits!

As our website is of a child friendly nature and is fundamentally for children’s benefit we feel it is important to highlight our use of children in images, video and voice within audio.

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