Free Colouring Pictures!

Free Colouring Pictures!

Enjoy singing along to the songs while colouring in your favourite characters.

Ask a grown up for help with the next bit…..

To print on desktop computer (PC/Mac): Make sure printer is turned on & connected. Click picture to download. Depending on you OS and browser…Either click file & print from browser or…          Open picture in your software, click ‘print me!’ on page, adjust printer settings if needed, print and get colouring!

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Ajay the alligator (Snap snap snap…)

Ajay the alligator (Snap snap snap...)



super fun cool songs                                                                             

Ajay again but with his top hat and cane ready to dance!

Ajay with cane & hat







It’s Ajay again with his hat on and the cane ready to tap in time with the Snap snap snap snap snap!

Ajay with cane & top hat on head

super fun cool songs


It’s Harris the little grey hippo! Enjoy colouring in this happy little chap. What a cutie!

Harris the little grey hippo







Clive the Penguin! Have fun colouring this cheeky little fella. Why not add in some other penguins in the background, or even a car for Clive to drive?!

Clive the penguin








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